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We understand that trying to find information on the internet can be a time consuming and painful experience.

To make things a little easier, we have compiled a number of useful links in our directory below to save you time and to ensure you are getting access to the most reliable and accurate information.

If you require any further information or clarification on any of the below information feel free to contact one of our friendly team members.



Income Tax Returns – Information and Checklists


Use our resources below to take the burden out of tax time.

2015 Income Tax Return Checklist

A handy guide for what to include in your tax information when you meet with us.

2015 Individual Income Tax Return Checklist

Rental Property Information

ATO Rental Property Guide – A comprehensive guide for any owner of a rental property

Rental Property Guide

Rental Property Checklist – A useful checklist for you to compile your information before we meet

Rental Property Information Checklist

Motor Vehicle Deductions

Stay up to date with the latest changes in regard to claiming a motor vehicle deduction

Motor Vehicle Deductions

Example log book

Motor Vehicle Logbook Template

Travel Expense Deductions

Useful tips to make sure your keeping all the correct records to allow a deduction for travel

Travel Expense Deductions

General Record Keeping

What to keep and for how long

General Record Keeping

 Budgeting & Borrowing 

Here are some great online tools we recommend to many of our clients who are in the process of preparing a budget or looking to take charge of their money.


How much money is coming in and going out each week, fortnight or month? Use this budget tool to help sort out your money priorities and take control of your spending and saving.

Online Budget Planner


Money Smart has a wealth of information for clients looking to restructure their borrowings and better manage their affairs. See below for some borrowing basic:

Borrowing Basics

Buying a Home?

Use this handy mortgage calculator before you speak to your lender to see exactly what you can afford.

Mortgage Calculator



Lost Superannuation

If you’ve ever changed your name, address or job, you may have lost track of some of your super. Having several super accounts could mean that fees and charges are reducing your overall super investment. There are a number of ways to check and manage your super.

Why it’s important to keep track of your Super

Check Your Super

Use MyGOV for a full view of all your Superannuation accounts

Create a MyGOV account

MyGOV Accounts

Perform a Quick Online Search with the ATO Super Seeker

You can find out if you have any lost or ATO-held super by doing a quick search using the ATO Super Seeker

ATO Super Seeker



Family Benefits

There are a range of payments available from the Australian Government to help with look after your children’s education and health care.

Online Estimator of Payments

The online estimator helps you decide payment options for your family. You can also see how much Family Tax Benefit, Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate you may be able to get.

Online Estimator

Having a Baby?

Information for paid parental leave and all things to consider when expecting.

Having a Baby


Starting a Business & Business Planning

Starting a business can be overwhelming, the resources below will assist you in understanding where to start, what registrations you may require and how to prepare a business plan.

Starting a Business

A useful checklist to cover off all considerations of starting your own business

Starting Your Business Checklist

Business Registrations & Licenses

A great starting point to help guide you though what registrations you may need to undertake in your new business. Covering off various areas from registering the business name to considering what tax registrations you may need.

Registration & Licences

Information for Employers

Useful information for our clients who are employers including various calculators, tools and registration information.

How to Determine if Workers are Employees or Contractors

This useful decision tool will help you determine whether your workers are Employees or Contractors.

Employee v. Contractors

PAYG Withholding

Use this tool to help determine the correct amount to withhold from salaries and wages.

Tax Withheld Calculator

Tax Tables

Weekly, fortnightly, monthly tax withholding tables.

Tax Tables

Long Service Leave

Information and calculation of Long Service Leave.

Long Service Leave

LSL Calculator

WorkCover Insurance Obligations

Information on registration and obligations.

WorkCover Information for Employers

Payroll Tax Registration for Victorian Employers

Information on registration and rates.

SRO Victoria – Payroll Tax Registration

Superannuation Guarantee

Knowing when to register and how much to pay.

Super Guarantee




Retirement and Pensions

If you want a comfortable retirement it is important that you understand and make the most of your superannuation. The following information sources and tools provide a great starting point for our clients.

Superannuation Basics

Understanding the basics of Superannuation.

How Super Works

Super and Pension Age Calculator

When can you get your super and at what age can you apply for the aged pension.

Super and Pension Age Calculator

Retirement Planner

Work out how you can boost your retirement income by taking action now.

Retirement Planner

Income Sources in Retirement

Considerations around different income sources for retirees.

Income Sources

Borrowing in Super

There has been a lot of information in the market around borrowing in a Self Managed Super Fund. Borrowing or gearing your super into property must be done under very strict borrowing conditions called a ‘limited recourse borrowing arrangement’.

See below for basic information and considerations around borrowing within a SMSF and contact our team to arrange a meeting for further discussions.

Borrowing in a SMSF – The Basics

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