We understand that trying to find information on the internet can be a time consuming and painful experience.

To make things a little easier, we have compiled a number of useful links to save you time and to ensure you are getting access to the most reliable and accurate information.

If you require any further information or clarification on any of the below information feel free to contact one of our friendly team members.

Starting a Business & Business Planning

Starting a business can be overwhelming, the resources below will assist you in understanding where to start, what registrations you may require and how to prepare a business plan.

Starting a Business

Starting Your Business Checklist – A useful checklist to cover off all considerations of starting your own business

Business Registrations & Licenses

Registration & Licences – A great starting point to help guide you though what registrations you may need to undertake in your new business. Covering off various areas from registering the business name to considering what tax registrations you may need.

Information for Employers

Useful information for our clients who are employers including various calculators, tools and registration information.

How to Determine if Workers are Employees or Contractors

Employee v. Contractors – This decision tool will help you determine if your workers are Employees or Contractors.

PAYG Withholding

Tax Withheld Calculator – Use this tool to help determine the correct amount to withhold from salaries and wages.

Tax Tables

Tax Tables – Weekly, fortnightly, monthly tax withholding tables.

Long Service Leave

Information and Calculation of Long Service Leave.

WorkCover Insurance Obligations

WorkCover Information for Employers – Information on registration and obligations.

Payroll Tax Registration for Victorian Employers

SRO Victoria – Payroll Tax Registration – Information on registration and rates.

Superannuation Guarantee

Super Guarantee – Knowing when to register and how much to pay.